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Having been born in Rock Springs and lived in Wyoming until graduating from the University of Wyoming, I care a lot about the Equality State and am humbled to have been invited to participate regularly in a column written by young Wyomingites. In addition to sharing some insights from my journey, I am excited to read about others’ perspectives and see a dialogue grow.

A pressing issue in Wyoming is economic diversification. In my journey, I have seen inaccurate perceptions and limited dialogue between Wyoming residents and non-residents, which is problematic for Wyoming’s attempts to strengthen its economy within the United States’ overall.

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Both Newcastle and Upton have large deer herds living right in town!  Wild turkeys are everywhere! There are large elk herds to the north, east and west!  There are more North American Pronghorn Antelope than there are people!  Look for groundhogs, snakes and lizards. Wildlife watching is easier than people watching in Newcastle and Upton. Bring your binoculars and your cameras!