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Wind Energy Capacity To More Than Double In Wyoming After Years Of Stagnancy « Back to Search Results

On a vast swath of prairie lined with 79 wind turbines, new blades are delivered on the backs of 18-wheelers. Laine Anderson navigates the snow-packed service roads. He oversees wind operations at Rocky Mountain Power, an operating entity of Pacificorp. Anderson parks under a massive turbine.

"We're at Seven Mile 409. This is our first test turbine for re-powering," he said.

This whole Seven Mile Hill wind farm will be re-powered. That's when new equipment allows the same turbines to produce more energy. New cells, hubs, and blades lying around the site will soon increase production by 20 percent, according to Anderson.

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Upton is located 70 miles east of thirteen open pit coal mines, including the Thunder Basin Coal Mine, the nation's largest. You can arrange to have guided tours to learn more about this critical industry in northeast Wyoming. Upton and Newcastle are on the railroad right-of-way that ships most of the coal to midwestern and eastern markets. There is an average of 75 Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad trains that pass through Weston County daily. This is a train watchers heaven!