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There are a number of things that small business owners have to be concerned about these days; cybersecurity, social media marketing, finding employees, competing with the big box stores and the list goes on. It can seem a bit overwhelming for sure. While these things are all important, I believe there are a couple of fundamental issues that if we don’t get them right, the rest of these concerns ultimately won’t matter. I’m referring to taking care of customers and paying attention to the financial aspects of the business.

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Both Newcastle and Upton have large deer herds living right in town!  Wild turkeys are everywhere! There are large elk herds to the north, east and west!  There are more North American Pronghorn Antelope than there are people!  Look for groundhogs, snakes and lizards. Wildlife watching is easier than people watching in Newcastle and Upton. Bring your binoculars and your cameras!