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The Wyoming State Board of Education (SBE) moved to begin the formal rulemaking process for Chapter 29 on Teacher Evaluation at its May meet- ing in Casper.

Walt Wilcox, Chair- man of the State Board commented after the ap- proval, “The state board consistently advocated for the legislation that returned control of teacher eval- uation to the local level. Teacher evaluation has been a process that involves local school boards, the Wyoming Department of Education, and ultimately the Wyoming State Board of Education. These rules will provide local educators the opportunity to adopt evaluation and accountabil- ity methods that are of most value to helping all teachers refine and continually im- prove the craft of teaching.”

The SBE discussed in detail the support of focused and simplified high-quality social studies standards and specifically around the benchmark topics of civics education. In addition, board members also advocated for bench- mark discussions centered on the value of first aid and CPR under the health stan- dards. There is support in having the content commit- tees exploring these topics within the work of these content committees.

The SBE also voted to approve Alternative Sched- ules for Albany County School District #1, Whiting High School and Rock Riv- er Schools; Converse Coun- ty School District #1 to in- clude all Douglas schools, Dry Creek Elementary, Walker Creek, Shawnee Elementary, White, and Moss Agate; Fremont County School District #2 all schools; Fremont Coun- ty School District #24 all schools; Johnson County School District #1 Kaycee schools; Lincoln County School District #2 Cokev- ille schools; Lincoln Coun- ty School District #2 Star Valley schools; Sweetwater County School District #1 Farson schools; and Weston County School District #7 all schools.

The SBE voted to ex- tend the contract of SBE Coordinator Dr. Thomas Sachse for 2019-20, as well as pay the Wyoming School Board Association mem- bership dues for 2019-20. The board also amended minutes from the March SBE meeting, as well as the Administrative Procedures Parts 2 and 3.

Sachse updated the board on the “Basket of Goods and Services” Task Force work, budget prior- ities, interim legislative topics, and Administrative Procedures Part 4. The Wyoming Department of Education reported to the board on Chapter 3 Rules of Practice and Procedure, and updated the board on the Accreditation Pilot Year, State System of Support, and the 2019 Stan- dards Review Committee.

The next board meet- ing is scheduled for June 20 in Cheyenne. For more information about the SBE and its mission, visit https://, or follow the SBE on Twitter @WYStateBoardEd

Article courtesy of the Weston County Gazette.

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