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Daly brings 'Home-dome-grown' to G-S « Back to Search Results

One of the best lessons in life is learning the satisfaction in doing something for yourself and enjoying the rewards. It’s a lesson Guernsey-Sunrise Food Service Coordinator Dawndrea Daly hopes to teach by getting staff and students involved in the on-site growing of some of the fresh food items offered in the school’s lunchroom every day.

It sounds great but Wyoming’s fickle weather patterns are a formidable opponent to making it a reality. So to utilize Mother Nature’s more accommodating features in the process, Daly secured a $2,500 grant this past January to build a geodesic dome greenhouse that will make it a hands-on project throughout the school year.
Provided by the Wyoming Specialty Crop Program through the Wyoming Department of Education, the grant paid for the majority of the cost to build the dome, one of just four in the state.

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