Regional Industries Served

Powder River Basin Coal

The coal industry is served in many ways. Probably the largest service is that the Tiger Transfer, LLC aids in keeping the velocity of the unit trains high. Most of the “other than coal freight” is placed into the Upton Logistics Center for Tiger Transfer, LLC. to handle. This freight can be handled off the mainline and the unit trains of coal can keep chuckling by without stopping. Also, products such as ammonium nitrate, crane mats, wire rope,  and anything else that the coal industry gets in by rail can be brought to Tiger Transfer, LLC, transloaded to truck and taken to the mine site, again not to interfere with the loaded unit trains going out.

Powder River Basin Oil

In the Powder River Basin, energy is king, and the oil industry is a large part of it. The rail traffic is heavy shipping coal and oil out by train. That also means getting products into the region that support the energy business and not conflicting with the traffic going out. That is where Tiger Transfer, LLC comes in. Large volume products such as frac sand can be “landed” at the privately owned rail park, dropped off, and handed over to Tiger Transfer, LLC to distribute to customers in the park and pick up the empty cars from yesterday and take off with the “bullet” train in order to get out of the way of the next unit train going by. Support products are practically everything from soup to nuts as far as coal and oil are concerned. It is not strictly large volumes either; it is just that we like large volumes because Tiger Transfer,LLC  is set up to handle it. Some of the products include pipe, frac sand, Potassium, Salt, Bentonite….well, you get the picture. Speaking of large volumes, Tiger Transfer, LLC has room for a double circle unit train facility that has been designed and approved by the BNSF to be able to handle unit trains if that kind of volume is needed. Also, product does not just have to come in, it can also go out. Tiger Transfer, LLC enjoys a pipeline into the park that presently fills “manifest” built unit trains that exit the park loaded with oil. Tiger Transfer does its own switching within the Upton Logistics Center.

Electrical Ceneration

Spin off industries that are related to energy are also supported at the Upton Logistics Center. One such industry is coal or gas fired generation plants. These businesses are serviced in the same way as the industries listed above. These are not redundant, boring, however. There are as many opportunities as there are ideas. Tiger Transfer, LLC handles products such as calcium bromide for air quality control for power plants. The Osage power plant is too old to meet air quality standards and would cost too much to re-furbish in order to comply. The decision was made to demolish the old plant. Where do you suppose the demolished steel and other recyclable products are going to be taken? Yes, the Upton Logistics Center. It will be loaded onto gondola cars via magnet and taken back to the smelting plants to be re used.

Mining Industry

Logistics refers to the detailed coordination of a complex operation to transport goods to customers. This involves heavy products in volume that need to be transported to customers that may be long distances from the product source. Again, rail is cheaper to haul large volumes long distances and the Upton Logistics Center is a part of the logistical equation to accommodate that product and getting it to the desired location. Some products are sand and gravel, bentonite, cement, etc. Some mining logistic fits for the Upton Logistics Center would not be readily thought of, but a rare element  find in the Bear Lodge sparks a fit to bring raw, washed sand from Sundance to Upton to be processed here because the Upton Logistics Center has everything it needs for a large processing plant planned to be built in the near future.

Construction Industry

Wyoming and South Dakota are not largely populated areas but the Upton Logistics Center is set to transfer building products to be delivered where needed. Anything from lumber and plywood to roofing products, steel beams, etc. can be transferred at Upton.


Again, Wyoming and South Dakota are not largely populated but government reaches all areas at one time or another. Recently, there was a need to transfer a unit train of military equipment to Rapid City and back in two weeks. Tiger Transfer, LLC came to the rescue, built an earthen ramp and with spanners, the equipment was driven right of the end of the train to the ground to be either driven or hauled to Rapid City and the reverse accomplished.

Your Industry

What product do you need transferred? A power company recently needed an 80 ton transformer delivered from the manufacturer to Spearfish, SD. The transformer was shipped to the Upton Logistics Center, transloaded to two trucks, one going forward and one going in reverse to get it from here to Spearfish to be placed. If you need something somewhere, think of Upton Logistics Center.