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10 Things the Government Needs From Wyoming Entrepreneurs « Back to Search Results

If you’re looking for more customers for your business, you might wanted to consider the world’s largest purchaser: the U.S. Government. You might be surprised at what federal, state and local governments are looking to buy from Wyoming small businesses. Here is a list of 10 products and services that government agencies are looking to purchase right now in Wyoming:

  1. Bread products: The Sheridan VA Medical Center is seeking sources to provide assorted bread products including 700 slices of Texas Toast, 625 hotdogs buns and 312 English Muffins annually.
  2. Office rental: The U.S. Department of Agriculture is looking to lease some office space in Pinedale and/or Buffalo.
  3. Tactical clothing: The U.S. Air Force is looking for a Wyoming business to provide cold weather tactical clothing
  4. Horse trailers: The Bighorn National Forest is in search of two gooseneck horse trailers to be purchased and delivered.
  5. Bunkhouse Remodel: The Department of Agriculture is looking for a contractor to demolish and remodel bunkhouses in Jackson.
  6. Optometry services: The Billings Area Indian Health Service in Fort Washakie, WY is looking for a certified optometrist to provide part-time services.
  7. Lawn care: The Cheyenne VA Medical Center is looking for qualified sources to perform weed and feed grounds services.
  8. Fencing and waterline supplies: The Big Horn National Forest is looking for a small business to provide treated posts, smooth wire, barbed wire, and more.
  9. Buckshot: The U.S. Department of Agriculture is looking to purchase 40,000 rounds of 12 Gauge shotgun ammo to remove feral animals.
  10. Snap-on toolbox/kit: The F.E. Warren Air Force Base needs an authorized Snap-On distributor to provide a Snap-On toolbox and kit with pre-cut foam to make tool inventory easier.

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