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Advisory Council officially adopts Wyoming Broadband Plan « Back to Search Results

On Aug. 31, the Wyoming Broadband Advisory Council officially adopted the Wyoming Broadband Plan as its guiding document in efforts to expand and improve broadband access across the state. 

The plan is part of the 2018 Wyoming Legislature’s $10 million allocation for expanding and enhancing broadband connectivity in the state.  

It outlines five key missions: 

1. Develop a mapping strategy 

Although the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) collects data on connectivity, its data is not detailed enough to provide an accurate picture of coverage in the state, explained Russ Elliott, the State Broadband Manager for the Wyoming Business Council. Some areas, homes and businesses considered “served” by FCC data still experience inadequate speeds. 

The Business Council will work with a mapping contractor to collect and display data to provide a more detailed and accurate look at coverage and speeds throughout the state. The tool would be used to assess the state’s broadband needs and the areas to which grant funding should be directed. 

2. Leverage public-private partnerships 

“Public-private partnerships are the best way to accomplish our mutual goals,” Elliott said. 

The plan lays out the need to facilitate partnerships between providers and localities to reduce costs, improve efficiency, standardize regulations and resolve other issues to improving coverage. 

These partnerships would help connect roads, emergency facilities and anchor institutions, like schools. 

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