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Gubernatorial candidates suggest different paths to a diversified economy « Back to Search Results

SHERIDAN — Wyoming has long debated how it could develop a more diversified economy that is not as vulnerable to the boom-and-bust cycles caused by fluctuations in the energies market. The two major party candidates for Wyoming’s next governor are long-time residents of the state who have closely monitored previous diversification efforts and are ready to propose their own solutions. State treasurer and Republican candidate Mark Gordon said he sees opportunities to diversify the state’s revenue by tweaking and building on the assets it already has. Democratic candidate Mary Throne, who previously served as the minority leader in the Wyoming House of Representatives, said the state’s boom-and-bust woes persist because lawmakers have been unwilling to develop solutions.

“The biggest barriers (to economic diversification) have been a lack of leadership and willingness to change how we do things,” Throne said.

One issue related to economic diversification that has come to the forefront is whether the state has a tax structure that can benefit from economic diversification, which the two candidates have approached differently.

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