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We get it. Main Street Program directors are passionate, hardworking and incredibly driven to improve your communities; and you're also tired. You'd like to shop for groceries without stopping for a detailed presentation on a new project idea from someone in the cereal aisle. You'd like to spend more evenings and weekends at home with your families. You’d like a meaningful work-life balance. 

We hear you, and we want to help. 

Desiree Brothe, the Community Development Coordinator for the Wyoming Business Council’s Wyoming Main Street Program, knows the challenges you face firsthand. Before starting at the Business Council six months ago, she was the Director of the Cheyenne Downtown Development Association/Main Street program for 3 years.

“I loved the work, but it was exhausting, and I really struggled to find that balance,” she said. 

Now, as part of the statewide Main Street leadership, she has developed a self-care program targeted directly to people in her former position: Main Street directors, economic developers, community leaders, etc. 

We sat down with Desiree to talk about the program and how she hopes it will help reduce stress and burnout among those who care the most and work the hardest for their communities. 

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