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Upton, Wyoming has a history of getting things done. Just ask local residents who came together to turn the site of a closed bentonite plant into a rail-served business park. The citizens of Upton formed the Weston County Development Corporation, which is now the Upton Economic Development Board, and launched a grassroots effort to reclaim and reuse the site. After completing demolition and remediation of the site it was converted into the Upton Logistics Center, a rail-served business park that was purchased by Tiger Transfer, LLC.

The Upton Logistics Center is now a hub for companies looking to move raw materials and finished products throughout the United States and into Canada and Mexico – something made possible by the hard work of Upton’s residents. The industrial park has over 40,000 feet of privately-owned track, an internal, onsite switch engine and crew to accept railcars from BNSF and distribute those cars to the customers within the park and back to the BNSF. BNSF’s double mainline track runs right through the Upton Logistics Center and has three mainline switches that service the park. In addition, Tiger Transfer, LLC has a transloading crew that gives customers the option to have their products transloaded from rail to truck. There are three truck scales located in the park, including one owned by Tiger. Products transloaded at the Upton Logistics Center include virtually anything moved by rail: oil, frac sand, pipe, crane mats, military equipment, propane, ag products and much more.

The entrepreneurial, can-do attitude of Upton’s residents led to the creation of the Upton Logistics Center and has reshaped the community in the process. While Upton was once a company town, with many people employed by the American Colloid Bentonite Company, now Upton’s economy is diversifying and includes corporations like AmeriGas, Wyoming Roofing and Supply, LLC, and Wildcat Minerals who all have locations in the park.  

The same can-do attitude that transformed Upton’s economy makes it an incredible place to start or grow a business. People here are welcoming and willing to pitch in, get involved in projects and support businesses looking to grow. In addition, the Upton EDB offers businesses access to financial incentives, workforce training programs and other programs designed to help Wyoming businesses thrive.

Reasons to locate in Upton, Wyoming

Entrepreneurs looking for a collaborative, supportive and energetic community in which to grow their business, will find a home in Upton.

In addition, Upton offers convenient access to major transportation routes from Canada to Mexico, and Washington to New York, with immediate rail access and affordable space in the Upton Logistics Center.

With broadband fiber access, businesses locating in Upton can easily connect with employees, suppliers and customers located in other states or across the world.

When the workday is done, Upton really shines. This corner of Wyoming is known for natural beauty, state and federal parks, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling and a plethora of outdoor activities. Anyone who enjoys breathing the fresh air, feeling the breeze against their face and hearing the sounds of birds over cars, will find that weekends in Upton may just be the biggest advantage yet.

Contact the Upton EDB for information and available incentives

If you are interested in learning more about Upton, Wyoming, the Upton Logistics Center or what makes our community an incredible place to live and work – contact us!

Stephanie Salazar, CEcD

Executive Director

Upton Economic Development Board