Now is not the time to cut corners on customer experience

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

When Ikea Canada introduced its new Design Studios in Ontario and Quebec, it did so with the intention of creating an entirely new shopping experience. These small concept stores located in urban centers offer personalized design services and one-to-one planning—a far cry from the traditional Ikea shopping trip that centers around navigating a giant, suburban store that feels like a viking fortress filled with homewares with names like Fördelaktig the Brute, Upplövv the Fierce, and Råskog the Bloody.

That new customer experience (CX) was a raging success, according to Forrester Research, pushing sales and customer satisfaction up. In fact, it helped the Swedish company jump a whopping 10 places in Forrester’s 2022 Canada Retailers Customer Experience Index Rankings.

Read the complete article from Fast Company here. 


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